Smoke machine

Smoke machine

Hydraulic Power Pack

1x6 D.O.F.

1x4 D.O.F.


We have a full range of special effects equipment available; if what you're looking for is not here and we don't have it, we can beg, borrow or build it!


We have fully equipped offices and a 1650m2 workshop. Lathes, mills, drills, hydraulic press, vehicle lifts, a large mig and tig welding capacity. We have a “40 foot” articulated workshop trailer, which carries most of the “on set” effects requirements, also a second unit is currently under construction.

We have a new waterjet cutting machine  with a 4100mm x 2100mm work envelope.


Wind F.X

1x    454 Chev. (460 hp.) Windmachine (have access to 4 x others)

6x    8.5 foot Electric “Ritter” style fans   

2x    Microlight 5 foot prop.                      

14x  SS fans Electric 3ft prop.                  

14x  Zed fans (similar to 18” mole fan)    

8x    Snail fans                                         

6x    Ventilation fans (350mm)                

15x  Air Movers/Venturis (.5/1/3/4/6/8/10/12”)

       Manifolds and Supply hoses


Smoke/atmos. FX

1x    Dynafog 1200 high output (5 sq. km.)                                

10x  Gas powered smoke machines              

4x    Artem smoke machines                       

12x  Electric smoke machines (assort)           

6x    Mole gun smoke machines                    

8x    Smoke tube setups                               

Rain FX

1x    International Fire Engine (750 g.p.m.)                          

2x    Large rain bar (cross type held over set by crane)       

2x    Spinner nozzles                                                           

10x  Rain stands                                                                 

10x  Assorted high pressure pumps, electric/petrol            

       Hand held rain bars/nozzles/hoses/valves/manifolds

       Stand pipes & keys

Fire FX

        Flame bars Fish tails/Fan tails

        Campfire rigs

        Propane mortars

        High pressure “Kero” fire rigs

        Propane and liquid flame throwers

        Gas valves/manifolds/hosing/bottles/bottle banks


Rigging Gear

        Trip releases 20---12000 kg capacities

        Flying gear harnesses/counter weight systems

        Precision wire and rope pulleys

        Air ratchet systems/rams 600-2000mm

        Teeter Totter rigs

        All ropes/cables/specialist tooling & fasteners

2x     Hydraulic Motion Bases             

1x6    D.O.F. (Kuper controlled)       

1x4    D.O.F. (Overdrive controlled)

         Hydraulic Power Packs Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large


        OSH Approved pyro handlers

        Full range of Film Pyro (De la Mare Eng.& M.P. Associates)

        Assorted mortar pots/trays/pans/pyramids

        Firing gear firing boxes/sequencers/nail boards/rc systems etc.


We keep a good supply of all types of snow products... and all sorts of other stuff too! We have to be well equipped, supplied and organized to service the industry in this part of the world and we really enjoy working with like minded people!